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About us

Nordland National Park Center consists of Visitor Center National Park Nordland and Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery. Our purpose as a visitor center is to inform about national parks, other protected areas, nature, art and Norwegian and Sámi culture in Nordland, in addition to promoting an active outdoor life.

Nordland National Park Center is also a hub for nature administration in the area.

In addition to the art gallery and nature exhibition we offer:

  • a library of art and nature
  • a museum shop with local crafts and quality products
  • an outdoor yard with a camp fire
  • a workshop connected to the gallery
  • Roparneset, a collection of traditional Norwegian and Sámi buildings
  • an auditorium with capacity up to 60 persons
  • a spectacular venue for meetings and conferences
  • accommodation in Nystadnesstua cabin

Outdoor activities

The universally designed outdoor yard offers many activities. You can learn about the birds nesting in Junkerdal National Park, practice geology, climb the climbing wall or sit down by the camp fire and enjoy a coffee along with spectacular views of Ølfjellet mountain. The panorama at the mountain top can be seen as an 85 meter wide photograph surrounding the yard. 

Storjord – great nature experiences for all

Parts of the network of walking paths surrounding the National Park Center is universally designed which gives unique access for all including wheelchair users and the visually impaired. In this area you will find a collection of Norwegian and Sámi traditional buildings, a climbing jungle for kids and a frisbee golf course.

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