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Nordland National Park Center  Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery

Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery

The Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery is primarily an exhibition of Per Adde and Kajsa Zetterquist’s art. The spectacular building houses two spaces for regular exhibits of the two artists, as well as an adjoining space for guest exhibits. The gallery is surrounded by stunning nature, at Storjord in Nordland, and is a part of the Nordland National Park Centre. The gallery’s main principles are the communication of art, nature and Sami culture; and offers a wealth of experiences.


Brochure about the artist life and works

Contact information

Nordland National Park Centre
Saltfjellveien 2035
Phone.: +47 400 67 251

Manager Kari Nystad-Rusaanes
Phone: +47 415 63 745

Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery
Phone: +47 400 67 252

Visitor Centre National Park
Phone: +47 906 51 410

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: Open on request

Sunday 28.11 and 05.12: 12.00-16.00

Closed on public holidays.

Free entrance.

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