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Supporting Membership

A supporting membership at Adde Zetterquist is for anyone with an interest in further promoting the art of Per Adde and Kajsa Zetterquist.

An individual membership is 200 NOK p.a., whilst companies or organisations can become members for 1000 NOK p.a.

The membership fee is payable to 4509.27.67594 (Norwegian bank account – for foreign accounts, please get in touch with us).

The society is headed by Olav Eldøen (

Contact information

Nordland National Park Centre
Saltfjellveien 2035
Phone.: +47 400 67 251

Manager Kari Nystad-Rusaanes
Phone: +47 415 63 745

Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery
Phone: +47 400 67 252

Visitor Centre National Park
Phone: +47 906 51 410

Opening hours

Every day: 12.00-17.00

Closed on public holidays.

Free entrance.

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