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Nordland National Park Center  Visitor Center National Park Nordland

Visitor Center National Park Nordland

In between the national parks of Junkerdal and Saltfjellet-Svartisen you will find the visitor center in walking distance to great nature experiences. The visitor center informs about nature, outdoor activities and protected areas in Nordland. Our nature exhibition shows the geology, flora, fauna and history of Nordland. Do you dare to take a selfie with the bear or climb through the fox hole?

Nordland’s national parks

Visitor Center National Park Nordland is authorised by the Environment Agency as a visitor center for the national parks of Saltfjellet-Svartisen, Junkerdal, Sjunkhatten, Rago and Láhko. You will also find information about the other national parks i Nordland; Børgefjell, Møysalen, Lomsdal-Visten and Lofotodden.

The greatest threat to biodiversity in Norway is the division and distruction of natural habitats. Nature reserves, national parks and other protected areas contribute to secure valuable nature and preserve areas of international, national and regional interest. Nordland´s nine national parks amounts to 5000 km2 of nature preserved for the future. 

The nature exhibition

The exhibition is created to excite and stimulate your curiousity, you can explore the cave, watch the nature movies, hear the bird sounds and touch the wild animals. It is divided into five themes reflecting nature in the area, from the ice age and geology via flora and fauna to cultural history and ancient settlements.

Informasjon Besøkssenter nasjonalpark Nordland

Activity Yard

The outdoor yard is part of the exhibition and consists of different activities. If you are hungry or thirsty you can have a break by the camp fire. You will find a kettle for making real campfire coffee, equipment for grilling and firewood available.

After a break we recommend a visit to Roparneset with traditional Norwegian and Sámi buildings, you can visit the peat huts and even stay the night in Nystadnesstua, a charming log cabin. Contact reception for hire.

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